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Kukan sanitization system” is on sale for removing bacteria floating in the air just by attaching it to the air conditioner


The "KUKAN sterilization system <AS-C020>" is a system that removes bacteria suspended in the air by the action of chlorine dioxide.



All you have to do is attach it to the louver on the outlet of the air conditioner. Place chlorine dioxide on the airflow of the air conditioner to sterilize and deodorize the entire space.


Since chlorine dioxide has a property of being heavier than air, it can be efficiently diffused when attached to an air conditioner.


It can also be installed in home and commercial air conditioners.


Chlorine oxide is a type of radical and has a strong oxidizing power, so it has an excellent function in removing viruses, sterilizing, deodorizing, and antifungal.


We recommend installing it in an air conditioner in a place with a large number of people, such as offices, clinics, nursing/healthcare facilities, and restaurants.

Our thoughts on the new coronavirus


Thank you for visiting our website.

In recent years, we have summarized the contents of work that can contribute to society as a new page on the new coronavirus.

Based on our corporate philosophy of making every effort to create a safe and comfortable society, we will do our best to serve you all.



Face shield sales notice


Use as a mask to prevent the spread of splash infections, resulting in a surge in popularity
We started selling face shield.

Size: H about 22cm x W about 33cm


Link to face shield


New floor maintenance revolution Duplex Turbo & Steam launched


Held at Tokyo Big Sight in November last year
Made further improvements since it was exhibited at “Billmen Human Fair & Clean Expo”
Floor maintenance all-in-one machine Duplex turbo
Duplex steam that gives a hygienic finish by cleaning with steam
Is now on sale.


Our company, which pursues labor-saving floor maintenance in the shortage of manpower,
With the i-mop series as an opportunity, in addition to the automatic floor cleaning robot “Adlatus”,
This time, two types of all-in-one machines are on sale.


Please browse and experience it.


Click here for materials

Information on infection control products


The new coronavirus has almost finished except for some prefectures,
In the future, due to the cancellation declaration, the flow of people will gradually return to normal,
A second wave of infection may strike.
Along with the hand washing and gargling practices that we have been carrying out
In the offices, facilities and stores,
I think that taking measures does not change the way we protect ourselves, our company, and the environment.

As Kukan, we have put together a series of countermeasure products in the form of proposals,
Please read it and consider it.

Suggestion for infection prevention measures

Notification of the start of sales of non-woven masks


At this time, one step forward towards the end of the new coronavirus,
Demand for masks is expected to continue.
At our company, including related companies, even at this time
As we continue the cleaning and various maintenance businesses,
Since it is mandatory to secure a mask,
We supply and sell to cooperating companies.

3-layer non-woven mask (white) 50 pieces 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
General sales have started.

If there is a need, please go to the inquiry page

Proposal 2 as a measure against coronavirus


As a part of the bactericidal disinfection system,
Effectively removes viruses, bacteria and odors using the air from the air conditioner
Main product: Chlorine dioxide products are now on sale.


Chlorine dioxide is a type of radical and has a strong oxidizing power.
It has excellent functions for removing viruses, disinfecting, deodorizing, antifungal, etc.
By attaching it to your air conditioner, put chlorine dioxide on the air flow of the air conditioner.
The entire room is sterilized and deodorized.


Chlorine dioxide is heavier than air, so it can be attached to an air conditioner.
Spread efficiently.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us from the inquiry.







March 13 “Stock Status of Clean Wipes WT”


Thanks to you, orders are coming from many customers.
However, we are currently affected by alcohol depletion.

We are working with the manufacturer to try to keep stock as early as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are working to arrange your order as soon as it arrives.

If you are a new customer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Link to clean wipe

Suggestions for Coronavirus Countermeasures


In the midst of March, the infection has not subsided even in the middle of March,
We have a shortage of masks.
As a product that we can propose at present, aqueous chlorine dioxide:
There is. This is sprayed with a smoke and attached to the air or the target
It is a colorless, transparent, almost odorless agent that removes viruses and various live bacteria.
Generally, as a space spray type drug,
Hypochlorous acid is also available, but the second kill does not change for a moment,
If it can be sprayed efficiently and it is cheap, it is better
Is it not?
The sales at our company are 20L bag-in box ¥ 14,040 (tax included).
Furthermore, the medicine can be efficiently sprayed in space.
We sell fog master jr as an automatic sprayer.
Our products are fine particles of 15-40μm,
In the air and even on the subject evenly,
It is a machine that anyone can easily spray space.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.


Announcement of the 4th Robodex Exhibition


Next week (Wed)-14 (Fri) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall
We will exhibit at Robodex.
Already launched at major home improvement stores
A fully automatic floor washer "ADLATUS" will be exhibited.
After the robot closes, the robot runs in an unmanned store with an automatically set program, contributing to the reduction of labor costs for floor maintenance.
The customers obtained are also satisfied.
We look forward to your visit during this period.