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9/18 ~ 20 Exhibiting at Clean Business Forum 2019 [Builpo]


September 18 (Wednesday) to 20 (Friday) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight West 2 Hall

” Clean Business Forum 2019 x International Coin Laundry EXPO 2019 ”

[Bilmen Portal Service Builpo] will exhibit.

Bilmen Portal Service Builpo, released in July 2019,

Worry about labor shortages and labor shortages in the field of cleaning, etc. in the building maintenance industry

This is a new tool to solve.






A business matching app [Builpo Builpo] that allows you to easily request artificial support in the gap time.

With “Tunagaro” that can be used from one day, automatic matching function with workers,

Chat with applicants and schedule management can be done together.

In addition, if it is a “Bilmen Recruitment Joint” specialized in the industry,

In addition to creating a company introduction page, you can use the Scout function to approach job seekers.

In the booth, you can actually use the app and try it out.


Now is the time to search for people and jobs with smartphone apps!

If you are interested in business matching, please drop in at our booth.







Builpo Builpo Secretariat

TEL: 050-2018-7372

Email: info@builpo.jp

(Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00)

Launch of original microfiber pad


In the distribution industry stores, floor maintenance is becoming mainstream.

Launch of original microfiber pad ideal for ceramic tile maintenance

have started.


As a product feature, it realizes the dirt scraping effect unique to microfiber on both sides.

Depending on the dirt, you can choose between [Coarse] and [Fine].


In addition to ceramic tiles,

Can also be used for carpet.


■ Size 15 inches only

■ Material Blue polyester, white microfiber, nylon

■ Price ¥ 3,000 (tax excluded) / 1 sheet

Notice of Fully Automated Floor Cleaning Robot ADLATUS Open to the Public


We exhibited / exhibited at the Robodex trade fair this January

Demonstration of the fully automatic floor cleaning robot ADLATUS

We released it.

The driving course that has been programmed in the warehouse of our CDRD center just now.

A demonstration run is underway.

Please experience the charm of a robot that travels by unmanned operation.

For inquiries, from the inquiry page of our website


Exhibit at SPORTEC Health & Fitness Japan


July 9 (Tuesday) to 11 (Thu)

It will be held at the Ome Exhibition Center at the Tokyo Big Sight New Facility

SPORTEC to the 28th health & fit Japan

I will exhibit.

Sterilization hygiene tissue that introduction is firm this time

Ideal for quick cleaning of facilities in addition to the display of clean wipes

We propose on the basis of materials and equipment, chemicals, etc.

The target audience for sports, fitness related facilities, hotels, etc.

We look forward to welcoming you at Booth A-10-66.


CSR Initiatives The 21st CSR. Mt held


The 21st CSR.meeting will be held in the meeting room of Tokyo Station Yaesu on June 11 (Tuesday),
Approximately 70 people gathered from the whole country.
This time, matching the company and the person, the company and the company which solve the labor shortage of the industry, securing the human resources, the bias of the work,
We will give a presentation from the secretariat on the bilem portal site “Bilpo” where we can also offer
Exchanged opinions on operation.


Furthermore, regarding the “Construction Technology Service Contest” scheduled for this fall,
We brainstormed on the contents of the implementation and strengthened the collaboration between the secretariat and members.

Yaesu showroom opened ・ i-team Japan established


The company established Yaesu showroom and established i-team Japan Co., Ltd., a joint venture with i-team Global (Headquarters: Netherlands).


◎ The Yaesu Showroom is displaying an i-series product lineup including our i-mop, and it is an environment where you can try it.
In addition, since many recommended products other than the series are also displayed, please do not hesitate to come. You can make a reservation on our website.



Information and reservation site of Yaesu showroom: https://reserva.be/kukan



◎I i-team Japan offers a variety of product lineups for customers considering future cleaning.

We offer the highest quality, maximum effect and the best cleaning method.



I-team Japan site:https://www.i-teamjapan.com

May 15-16, 2019 MRS Division Technical Contest & Cooperating Company Meeting


Continuing from last year, with maintenance technology of kitchen equipment

The second session aimed at improving hospitality

A technical contest was held.



Fifteen of the partner companies of this division gathered

While assuming a store (convenience) in operation,


Manners Telephone calls from repair request, advice and follow-up of accurate error cause while customers are present.

Technology Diagnosis of faulty equipment, parts and installation in limited time

Speed ​​Content competes with each company, with a content that places emphasis on the speed of parts replacement,


Broadly speaking, the participants were in the third category.


This time is also the second time, both manners and failure diagnosis

Although the evaluation was high, the planning side also

By giving it, there was a difference in the accumulation of detailed items.




The next day, we will organize the contest and share events on the spot

By holding the meeting, for the participants,

I had a meaningful time through both days.






The companies that have won the technical contest are

It is as follows.


◆ Best award Tokushima Home Gas Co., Ltd.

◆ Superiority Award Kagaya Kansetsu Co.,Ltd.

◆ Device manufacturer’s award Sennan Kuukan Co., Ltd.


i-mop Lite video uploaded



The i-mop Lite video has been uploaded.


Please feel the more innovative design and the operation with the small turn.

New Product Lineup Catalog Booklet Renewal


First of all, the list of i-series including i-mop,

Of relatively new products exhibited at various trade fairs last year

We have made the lineup a booklet.

If you get this, the product you saw at that time, the product you touched

The impression is revived.

We are actively distributing it now.

If you have a request, please contact “Catalog Booklet” from the inquiry page.

If you specify it, it will be sent preferentially.

We look forward to your application.



imop Lite will be released this summer


The i-mop series has evolved with the standard XL and XXL with the same cleaning design as the conventional design.

This time, it is decided to release imop Lite which achieves powerful cleaning performance while downsizing.

The main feature is that the area used to be manually operated can be washed easily, taking advantage of the small turn of i-mop.

The smaller size has made it lighter and easier to carry on the stairs.

In the future, we will introduce to you,

Please touch the advanced technology of i-mop.