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Suggestions for Coronavirus Countermeasures


In the midst of March, the infection has not subsided even in the middle of March,
We have a shortage of masks.
As a product that we can propose at present, aqueous chlorine dioxide:
There is. This is sprayed with a smoke and attached to the air or the target
It is a colorless, transparent, almost odorless agent that removes viruses and various live bacteria.
Generally, as a space spray type drug,
Hypochlorous acid is also available, but the second kill does not change for a moment,
If it can be sprayed efficiently and it is cheap, it is better
Is it not?
The sales at our company are 20L bag-in box ¥ 14,040 (tax included).
Furthermore, the medicine can be efficiently sprayed in space.
We sell fog master jr as an automatic sprayer.
Our products are fine particles of 15-40μm,
In the air and even on the subject evenly,
It is a machine that anyone can easily spray space.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.


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