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NEW Started handling floor cleaning robots


In pursuit of labor saving in cleaning, we are currently selling the fully automatic floor cleaning robot "ADLATUS" made in Germany.
 Two types of robots that reflect the needs of the small type and the needs of the dust removal / dust collection type (sweeper)
We have started handling.

The following two types will actually operate at Tokyo Big Sight from November 11th (Wednesday) to 13th (Friday).
 You can see it.


1. Cleaning robot ECOBOT Scrubber50
■ Size 650 x 650 x 1100H
■ Main features
When you push the robot and memorize the cleaning route, the running trajectory is automatically created.
 After cleaning, drainage → When the collected sewage is full, the three filters installed inside the robot
 The sewage can be changed to usable fresh water and reused for cleaning.
 (Approximately 70% of initial fresh water can be saved)


2. Cleaning robot ECOBOT Sweeper Mini

■ Size 650 x 570 x 850H

■ Main features
If the battery level drops during driving with the same specifications as the cleaning robot,
Return to the dock station, charge automatically, and after charging is complete
We will resume from the continuation of the driving program.
With strong suction power and brush power, dust adhering to the carpet can be collected firmly.