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Building Maintenance & Clean Expo 2018


Let us introduce some of the new products for Building Maintenance & Clean Expo 2018 on Nov 20-22 2018.
New i-series products along with our key product i-mop, and our original brand items will be exhibited there. Please visit our booth.


【Clean Wipe Box】
Low-cost microfiber cloth
Low-cost but high quality like unpacked microfiber cloth. 50 pieces are packed in a tissue-box, and easy to pull out.

Five color variation is convenient to identify them by each location.
At Clean Expo, samples will be handed out. Come, bring back, and try them out.


【Clean Wipe Powder】
Safe, cost-saving and eco-friendly sanitary cleaner
As a daily cleaner, it can be applied to various situations.
Cleaning power is twice as big as JIS K 3370. Sanitation effect is super. As a result of ATP wiping tests, the after-value was dramatically improved.

The manufacturer stands by at the booth to do a wiping test to prove its effectiveness.

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