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May 15-16, 2019 MRS Division Technical Contest & Cooperating Company Meeting


Continuing from last year, with maintenance technology of kitchen equipment

The second session aimed at improving hospitality

A technical contest was held.



Fifteen of the partner companies of this division gathered

While assuming a store (convenience) in operation,


Manners Telephone calls from repair request, advice and follow-up of accurate error cause while customers are present.

Technology Diagnosis of faulty equipment, parts and installation in limited time

Speed ​​Content competes with each company, with a content that places emphasis on the speed of parts replacement,


Broadly speaking, the participants were in the third category.


This time is also the second time, both manners and failure diagnosis

Although the evaluation was high, the planning side also

By giving it, there was a difference in the accumulation of detailed items.




The next day, we will organize the contest and share events on the spot

By holding the meeting, for the participants,

I had a meaningful time through both days.






The companies that have won the technical contest are

It is as follows.


◆ Best award Tokushima Home Gas Co., Ltd.

◆ Superiority Award Kagaya Kansetsu Co.,Ltd.

◆ Device manufacturer’s award Sennan Kuukan Co., Ltd.


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