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Yaesu showroom opened ・ i-team Japan established


The company established Yaesu showroom and established i-team Japan Co., Ltd., a joint venture with i-team Global (Headquarters: Netherlands).


◎ The Yaesu Showroom is displaying an i-series product lineup including our i-mop, and it is an environment where you can try it.
In addition, since many recommended products other than the series are also displayed, please do not hesitate to come. You can make a reservation on our website.



Information and reservation site of Yaesu showroom: https://reserva.be/kukan



◎I i-team Japan offers a variety of product lineups for customers considering future cleaning.

We offer the highest quality, maximum effect and the best cleaning method.



I-team Japan site:https://www.i-teamjapan.com

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