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Call Center

Call Center

Based on store maintenance and telephone call reception, our call center works 24/7 with full service to provide maintenance arrangement and cleaning services.


Integrate all the maintenance requests.

  • We put together all the correspondences of contractors divided into areas and sectors. This have resulted in effort reduction of billing and organization of tasks.
  • The online system enables us to confirm in the job status.
  • Analyzing data based on the stored trouble frequency and repair information, repair and modification plans can be handled easily.

Full support system

  • Emergency support covers electric systems, water surroundings, air conditioning, glass, mirror and overall maintenance.
  • Emergency support 24/7.
  • The same price all over Japan.

Prompt maintenance

With security and hygiene skills in the food service, we can manage emergency maintenance requests for the stores promptly.

Maintenance menu

Contact us about other requests.

Water supply and drainage
  • Water leakage and clog at sink and bathroom
  • bathroom low tank treatment
  • bathroom washlet repair
  • Electric water heater and water heater repair
  • Other equipment replacement and repair
  • Clear well installation/disposal, vault toilet cleaning
  • Grease trap and water receiving tank cleaning
  • Water leakage check, camera check
  • Water and sewage lead-in, switch construction
Outdoor facility
  • Fence, car barricade, car stop installation and repair
  • Asphaltic pavement repair and replacement
  • Lining, wheel chair mark, stop line
  • Billboard installation, repair and basic construction
  • Gutter, U-gutter and grating installation and repair
  • Storage installation and repair
  • Drainage cleaning, weeding
  • Car entrance expanding and installation
  • Concrete slab on grade construction, reservoir installation
  • Light bulb replacement and light repair
  • Outlet and braker installation and repair
  • TV antenna repair and replacement
  • Electric device replacement and repair
  • Air conditioner and fan repair and replacement
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Earth leakage check and repair
  • Power outage recovery and emergency measures
Exterior and interior
  • Outer wall, roof, gutter repair and removal
  • Ceiling, wall, floor, Tatami, Fusuma door repair and renewal
  • Painting, water-proofing and remodeling
  • Curtain, blind, roll screen repair and replacement/li>
  • Partition, furniture, fixture repair and installation
  • Plasterer and tile repair and renewal
  • Rain leakage check and repair
  • Door opening and shutting repair and adjustment
  • Door hinge repair, adjustment and replacement
  • Sash repair, adjustment and replacement
  • Glass repair, glass filming
  • Indoor wooden door and fitting replacement and repair
  • Lock, door check installation, adjustment, repair and replacement
  • Automatic door repair, electric lock installation, repair and replacement
  • Shutter adjustment, repair and replacement
  • Heater repair and replacement
  • Store renewal and close construction
  • Store restoration to original state, and destruction
  • Accident emergency and maintenance
  • Regular maintenance and check
  • Solar power system installation, energy saving system installation
  • Maintenance call center management
  • Store deployment

Data analysis and proposal

According to a request, we collect data from many points of views. Without any request, we can check information during a data collecting process. If necessary, we can provide solutions.


Visual correspondence

Issuing exclusive URL and password. Available to review a store history while out of office.


Correspondence can be added to a history, which can develop an easy-to-use correspondence history.