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Floor wax




Dry maintenance resin wax for plastic tiles

  • Finish as wet-like glossy floor, "wet looking floor"
  • Restore gloss by buffing
  • Light mop handling and quick dry, which means high workability.
【Net volume】
【Application dose】
About 780 to 1260 m²/pack - one application
*It depends on floor kinds and application tools.
【Non-volatile content】
Metal cross-linked acrylstilene copolymer、
high melting polyolefin wax、plasticizer、
glycol ether solvent、surfactants、
antiseptics、defoaming agent、water

kukan UHS Coat


Many active ingredients. Initial gloss and high performance by buffing. Quick dry and less odor.
【Net volume】

L Coat E


Finisher of vinyl floor tile, vinyl floor sheet, and other plastic floor
Water-based floor polish for commercial industry
【Net volume】

K Wet 1


◆Creates strong film and prevents scratches
Long lasting high-quality film-like effect
Quick dry and smooth application compared to existing wax

  • 18L(Application area 約1,440)
  • PH8.2

Super Grants FX3


◆Professional resin wax with high performance.
Well-balanced effect of gloss, workability and durability.
Multi-balanced wax with best cost performance

  • 18L(Application area 約1,800)
  • PH8.0



◆Best for high maintenance area of frequent walking
Long-lasting gloss by repetitive buffing

  • 18.9L(Application area 約950)
  • PH8.0~8.4

Grand Stands


◆Finisher with high brightness and durability
Best for low maintenance area
Easy application with high leveling and adherability
Applied in low-rotation, high-rotation, and UHS machines

  • 18.9L(Application area 約950)
  • PH8.1~9.2

■Other wax

Lemon Dust Aerosol


Quick removal of dirt and stain, and make glossy surface.

For registers, stores, shelves, and doors
【Appliable material】
Wood, vinyl, plastic, stainless, and marble

*Not applicable to floors.
Fresh lemon fragrance.

Peeling detergent

Hakuri Ten


  • Rinse-free strong wax remover for resin wax
  • Best resin wax remover for high concentrated, urethane, or thick-coated wax
  • Odorless remover makes cleaning easy.
  • Phosphorus-free
【Liquid nature】
Resin wax remover on plastic floor or stone floor




◆Foundation with high durability and brightness. For terrazzo and stone floor
High adhesiveness and water-proof ability higher than finisher.
Along with Ramsey's finisher, high gloss result
Compatible with concrete. Applicable to aqueous concrete floor

  • 18.9L (Application area 約950)
  • PH8.8~9.2

Floor detergent

Pro Max


★Safe and high performance!
High cleaning power, but not having an adverse effect on floor wax due to its neutrality.
Low-foam detergent can make dirt removal condition visible.
Less slipness provides safe environment.
Best for busy shops with many customers.
Applicable to all kinds of washable floors.

★C1 certificated by U.S. Agriculture Department. Remove dirt and no damage on the waxed surface.
Neutral detergent for daily maintenance.
No need to rinse because it remains no residue.
Low-foam and fresh fragrance.

Frequency 64


Antibacterial cleaner with strong fresh N clean fragrance.EPA registered. Deodorant cleaner with antibacterial effect at a hospital level. Effective against HIV-1 and green Staphylococcus. Attacks methicillin and Salmonella choleraesuis.
As it is neutral, it can be applied all aqueous hard surfaces and gloss stays long.

Ceramic PRO


Strong alkaline detergent

For ceramic floor
Ceramic and porcelain floor tile cleaning
【Liquid nature】
High permeability to ceramic or porcelain floor tile. It penetrates into porus, and removes soils. Powerfully dissolve grease.
Non-ionic surfactant, anionic surfactant, organic alkali glycol solution, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide

Ceramic DAY


Neutral detergent

Ceramic Floor Cleaner
For ceramic floor.
【Liquid nature】
Continual application to daily cleaning of ceramic tiles can prevent accumulation of soils.
Neutral, but strong effect of grease removal. Low-foam detergent. Applicable to automatic floor cleaning machines.
Non-ionic surfactant, anionic surfactant,
pH adjuster

Glass cleaner

Glass Cleaner


Easy-wipe glass and hard surface cleaner with less streak

No streak or film remains after cleaning dust, fingerprints or stains. Available to plastic, stainless steel, or metal as a surface cleaner

Cleaner for glass and hard surface

Efflorescence Remover


Super-quick permeability. Dissolve, and remove soils in porus.
Activator power makes smaller surface tension, and stain does not rettach for a long period.
Super cleaning power of scale removal like calcium and silicic acid, and water/iron rust removal

Power Bolt


All-mighty cleaner
All-mighty cleaner for dust, grease, ink, crayon, lipstick, tobacco stain

【Liquid nature】
Surfactant (1.4% potassium oleate)
【Other ingredients】
phenoxy propanol, dipropylene glycol butoxyethyl

Odor cut

Green Power


Natural power of strong odorless and antibacterial effect
Attack and remove the source of odor or bacteria.
Not overcoating another odor on odor.
Perfect and long-lasting effect of disturbing odor cut
*Confirmed antibacterial effect against E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and pseudomonad aeruginosa.

Welfare facility, hospital, car interior, smoking area, pet accessory, shoes, and shoe cupboard
【Main ingredient】
Plant extract (Geranium Nepalese, butterbur, bamboo grass etc.)

Kill Odor Air


Oxygen dissolves sources of tobacco odor, and fresh fragrance prevents odor.

Bathroom, Surrounding water area

Foam Bust 2


Professional strong cleaner for tough dirt on lavatories and toilets

Aqueous acid cleaner
【Liquid nature】
Toilet bowl and tile cleaner

Eco Worker


Organic acid dissolves and removes tough urinary calculus.

Urinal calculus remover without chlorine gas. Less stimulation and odor than Eco Worker, which makes cleaning easier and safer.
Main ingredient is organic acid, which can be easily dissolved. More environment-friendly than poisonous materials like chlorine.
Soak for 30 to 40 minutes. Though it is mild reaction, it dissolves urinary cake effectively.

Wide Range 2 Sanitation Cleaner


Non-acid antibacterial cleaner for hard surfaces like toilets, urinals, bath tubs, and lavatories.
EPA registered, antibacterial cleaner at a medical use level. High eradication rate against HIV-1, pseudomonad aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella.
Powerful as an anti-fungi cleaner

Pest Control



Pyrethroid ingredient which is harmless to humans.
Avoid various flying insects by spraying or applying to the windows.



Spray the anti-spider under eaves or outside walls.
This repellent stops spider generation and protects from spiders fro three months at the longest.
◇Blend of liquid which was extracted from several natural plants and bark powder.
Harmless to humans.
No color change of applied spots.

Bug Shield


◆Persistent repellent consists of mainly refined Selaginella oil.
Spray onto the windows directly, and block flying insects.
Effective for about one month.

Equipment and material

Glass Clean Handy


★Ultra microfiber cloth can catch and wipe small dirt.
Attach to a glass clean handy. Force will be applied equally to cloth, which enables thorough cleaning.
For wet and dry cleaning

Glass clean fiber cloth
polyester, polyamide
Glass clean handy

Glass clean long


  • The extension handle is a shape which is easy to put force. You can wipe glass with appropriate pressure.
  • To the top of the big window you can wipe evenly.
  • The thick handle is easy to grab and not tiring.
  • You can wipe higher area or clearance.
  • Fiber cloth is reusable and ecological.
Glass clean long
Length 115-195cm
Head W38cm×H9.2cm
alminium, plastic, rubber

Web brush


◆Attach to a reach pole. To remove web and clean façade boards.




CleanWipe is a wet tissue service to shoppers.
The container is free of charge. Easy and speedy to start this service.

Details here