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CSR Activities


To continue sharing the common cleaning management system among retail chain stores, we put up unique CSR theme every year.

September-07 First meeting. Akiho hot spring in Sendai
March-08 Preservation of essential service.
How to solve the difference of temperature between performance and customers' expectation.
Ikaho hot spring in Gunma
October-08 A trend of new floor maintenance system.
On-site information. Data sharing.
Atami hot spring in Shizuoka
Hotel New Akao
March-09 Exploit people.
Make advantage of people as resource, and grow a profit.
Sakunami hot spring in Sendai
November-09 Commitment of instrumental performance and pursuit of expressive performance. Nikko in Tochigi
Kinugawa Onsen Hotel
November-10 Come face-to-face with CSR.
What is our CSR?
Ikaho hot spring in Gunma
Hotel Kogure
May-10 Plus-one service offering
and environmental consideration.
Kisarazu in Chiba
Ryugujo Spa Hotel Mikazuki
March-11 - -
September-11 Sustainable corporate.
Adapt to information society.
Sapporo in Hokkaido
Jozankei View Hotel
May-12 Learning from the sites.
Manage to expected events.
Ikaho hot spring in Gunma
Hotel Kogure
October-12 Reform of convenience stores.
What is happening now?
Nikko in Tochigi
Kinugawa Hotel Mikazuki
May-13 Incorporation of new business.
Invincible corporate.
Kobe in hyogo
Arima View Hotel
October-13 CSR education and growing-up together.
Toward the advanced corporate group.
Isesaki in Gunma
C.D.R.D Center
May-14 To the near future.
New approach examples.
Kaga in Ishikawa
Yunokuni Tensho
October-14 Minakami in Gunma

ISSA research tour

The world's biggest convention of cleaning and maintenance product industry. The newest equipment is exhibited by companies from around the world. We, as a member of ISSA, go to see the ISSA exhibitions every year to be the best partner to our customers. We aim competitiveness, profitability and improvement of intelligence and skills.


ISSA Visit

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